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King Charles Set to Launch Initiative to Address Food Waste Issue

31st August 2023

In a recent report by the Daily Telegraph, His Majesty King Charles is gearing up to introduce a personal initiative aimed at tackling the substantial issue of food waste prevalent in the UK.

This initiative will build upon the foundation laid by the Coronation Food Project. His Majesty has already expressed his support for the concept of ‘use up’ days, a strategy that experts believe could potentially slash food waste by as much as a third.

King Charles is making sincere efforts to conserve resources on a personal level as well. For instance, he’s taking the unconventional approach of feeding kitchen scraps to his own chickens. Moreover, he’s undertaken the innovative project of converting his Aston Martin sports car to run on surplus wine and whey derived from the cheese-making process.

The monarch’s keen interest in environmental matters has been evident over the years. Notably, he unveiled a specialized fridge freezer for the Felix Project, a notable food redistribution charity in East London. Additionally, he generously contributed to a fund that supplies fridges and freezers to food banks and community groups.

Speaking on the matter, the Daily Telegraph has highlighted King Charles’ emphasis on “informed choices” as a means to curtail the monumental problem of food waste. By addressing this issue, global greenhouse gas emissions could potentially be reduced by a noteworthy 10%, as it would alleviate the pressures on farmers.

The English Government has recently opted against enforcing mandatory food waste reporting regulations for businesses. This decision was met with disapproval from food-sharing service Too Good To Go. While a considerable majority of respondents in a consultation favored mandatory food waste collections, it was largely the smaller businesses that were in support. The Government cited concerns over cost and instead, it is focusing on bolstering voluntary measures.

Conversely, legislative action regarding food waste is on the horizon in Wales. Commencing from April 6, 2024, it will be legally obligatory for businesses generating more than 5kg of food waste to recycle it. Violations of this mandate could result in fines.

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