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27th November 2023

How do you safely dispose of excess amalgam waste?

What is amalgam waste? Amalgam waste refers to the byproducts generated in dental practices, primarily composed of a mixture of…

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22nd November 2023

How To Dispose Of Led Light Bulbs In The UK?

In the UK, the disposal of LED light bulbs is regulated by the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.  Key…

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21st November 2023

How to Dispose of Vapes in the UK?

Proper disposal of vapes in the UK involves several steps to ensure compliance with waste regulations: Battery Removal. Begin by…

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17th November 2023

How To Dispose Of White Spirit in The UK

White spirit, a commonly used solvent in various industries, requires proper disposal to ensure environmental safety and compliance with regulations.…

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6th November 2023

Waste Transfer Notes

When dealing with non-hazardous waste removal from your premises, it’s crucial to understand the process and documentation involved. One such…

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