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How to Dispose of Vapes in the UK?

21st November 2023

Proper disposal of vapes in the UK involves several steps to ensure compliance with waste regulations:

  • Battery Removal. Begin by removing the battery from the vape device. Lithium-ion batteries require separate disposal to prevent environmental hazards.
  • Battery Recycling. Deposit vape batteries at designated battery recycling points. Many supermarkets and electronic stores offer battery recycling services.
  • Device Disposal. The remaining vape device, excluding the battery, can be treated as electronic waste. Local recycling centres often accept small electronic devices.
  • E-Liquid Disposal. Dispose of any remaining e-liquid in the appropriate waste container. Some local authorities provide facilities for liquid disposal at recycling centres.
  • Check Local Regulations. Be aware of any specific regulations in your local area regarding the disposal of electronic waste. Local councils may provide guidance on proper procedures.

Always prioritise the separate disposal of batteries to prevent environmental harm and comply with waste management standards.

For businesses, it is highly recommended to engage with a licensed waste management company for vape disposal. This not only saves time and money but also ensures that the disposal is carried out in strict compliance with UK legislation, providing a guarantee of proper and lawful vape disposal.

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