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Commercial Waste Collection Costs

22nd June 2023

When it comes to commercial waste collection, understanding the costs involved is crucial for businesses of all sizes. Affordable Waste Management, your trusted waste management partner, is here to shed light on what influences commercial waste collection costs. Read on to discover the costs, key factors, special offers, and the types of waste we can collect.

Commercial Waste Collection Costs

Factors Affecting Commercial Waste Collection Costs

  1. Type of Waste: The type of waste your business produces plays a significant role in determining waste collection costs. Different waste streams, such as general waste, glass waste, food waste, clinical waste, sharps bin collection, and hazardous waste, may require specific handling and disposal methods, affecting the overall cost.
  2. Business Size: The size of your business and the volume of waste generated can impact collection costs. Larger businesses with higher waste quantities may require more frequent collections or larger bins, which can influence the pricing structure.
  3. Waste Collection Frequency: How often you need waste collection services will also factor into the overall costs. Businesses with high waste generation may require more frequent pickups, leading to adjusted pricing based on the desired collection schedule.

Affordable Waste Collection Costs and Special Offers

At Affordable Waste Management, we understand the importance of providing cost-effective solutions for businesses. Our commercial waste collection costs start from just £1.14 per day, ensuring affordable waste management for all. 

But that’s not all! Take advantage of our special offers:

  • Free Bin + Free Delivery: Get started with our services hassle-free! Benefit from a complimentary waste bin and enjoy free delivery, saving you additional expenses.
  • 12th Month is Free: Commitment pays off! Pay for 11 months of waste collection and receive the 12th month completely free, providing you with even more value for your investment.
  • First Collection is Free: Experience the quality of our services firsthand! Your initial waste collection is on us, giving you the opportunity to witness the reliability and professionalism we offer.

Types of Commercial Waste We Collect

At Affordable Waste Management, we have the expertise and resources to handle various types of commercial waste, including:

Rest assured that no matter the nature of your business waste, we will collect and dispose of it safely and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Understanding the factors that influence commercial waste collection costs is essential for businesses seeking reliable and cost-effective waste management solutions. We offer transparent pricing starting from £1.14 per day, along with special offers such as free bins, free delivery, and bonus months. With our expertise in collecting various types of commercial waste, we ensure your business operates sustainably and in compliance with waste disposal regulations.

Contact us today to discuss your commercial waste collection needs 0333 015 3522

Let us tailor a solution that meets your requirements and helps you maintain a clean and environmentally conscious workspace.

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